A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Children's Menu

(for children up to 12 years)

One potato dumpling
with roast pork sauce [2; 3]
3.80 €

One bread dumpling
with roast pork sauce [8]
3.50 €

with roast pork sauce [8]
3.50 €

with tomato sauce
4.20 €

Grandma's kids' roast pork
in sauce with/without coleslaw and with potato dumpling [2; 3]
5.80 €

Kids' cheese spaetzle
without or with onions and with a small salad (if the child wants) [8]
5.80 €

4 fish fingers with French fries
5.80 €

Kids' schnitzel
of pork loin with French fries
6.80 €

Kids' schnitzel
of pork loin with roast potatoes
7.80 €

French fries
if desired with ketchup and mayonnaise
2.80 €

Max and Moritz
ice cream
3.80 €

[2] with preservatives, [3] with antioxidants, [8] with milk protein

Post children anti-etiquette guide "On the table"

1. Eating happens on the spurs of the moment. Staying too long at the table is uncool.
2. Should a waiter cross your path, trip him up or bump into him.
3. Chairs are there to wobble, benches for running with outdoor shoes on.
4. The correct use of cutlery is the free hand that doesn't hold a toy.
5. Why use glasses when there are drinking bottles? (If glasses, then for every sip a new one.)
6. Dessert first! Washing hands, by the way, is completely overrated!
7. Dining rule: If it's green ugh, when it looks like vegetables - don't taste. Complete food denial!
8. If somebody else has more good food on the plate, then one must scream loud.
9. With serviettes fantastic flyers can be made for tossing around.
10. Only share if something doesn't taste well. Order of chewing and swallowing is absolutely unimportant!

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