A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Drinks Menu

The Gasthof Hotel zur Post is open daily from 7am till midnight

Our kitchen is open between 11am and 10pm

Coffee & Hot Beverages

Espresso * [9]
2.20 €

Espresso doppio [9]
3.30 €

Latte Macchiato [8; 9]
4.20 €

Haferl Kaffee * (mug of coffee) [9]
3.50 €

Haferl Milchkaffee (mug of coffee with milk) [8; 9]
3.50 €

Cappuccino [8; 9]
3.30 €

Hot chocolate
4.20 €

Latino (cold Latte Macchiato) [8; 9]
4.20 €

We brew our coffee only with Andechser organic milk.
Coffee based drinks contain caffeine; if served with milk they additionally contain milk protein.

Various Teas

Large mug *
3.90 €

Our loose tea types
Morning Dew Englisch Breakfast, Noble Choice Earl Grey, Four Secrets China green tea, Soft Soul strawberry & hibiscus, Feel Well harmony, Rooibos vanilla, peppermint or camomile

Our bagged teas
Vervain tea, Greek mountain tea

Tea with fresh mint, honey and ginger
5.90 €

* To be able to serve our guests quickly, only those drinks are available in exceptional situations!

[8] with milk protein, [9] containing caffeine

Mineral Water, Soda, Lemonades

Geese wine - tap water *
0.5l     1.00 €

Water Adelholzener Klassik *
0.25l   2.90 €
0.5l   4.90 €

Water Adelholzener Naturell
0.25l   2.90 €
0.5l   4.90 €

Coca Cola * [1; 3; 9]
0.33l bottle   3.50 €

Coca Cola light [1; 3; 9; 11]
0.33l bottle   3.50 €

Fanta Orangenlimonade (orange lemonade) [1; 3]
0.33l bottle   3.50 €

Zitronenlimonade * (lemonade) [11]
0.4l   3.50 €

Spezi * (mix of Coke and lemonade) [1; 3; 9]
0.4l   3.50 €

Almdudler Kräuterlimonade (herbal lemonade) [1; 3]
0.33l   3.50 €

Tonic [10] or Bitter Lemon [10]
0.2l   3.50 €

* To be able to serve our guests quickly, only those drinks are available in exceptional situations!

[1] with colouring, [3] with antioxidants, [8] with milk protein, [9] containing caffeine, [10] ­containing quinine, [11] sweetener

Juices & Spritzer

Wolfra juices
Apple juice organic, naturally cloudy
Orange juice
Currant nectar
Rhubarb nectar
0.2l   2.50 €

Juice spritzer *
0.4l   3.50 €

Elderberry juice spritzer
of natural elderberry syrup, homemade with love by the landlady
0.4l   3.90 €

Homemade ginger lemonade
0.4l   4.90 €


Augustiner Pils from the barrel
0.3l   3.00 €

Augustiner Hell * (lager) from the barrel
0.5l   3.60 €

Schnitt Hell from the barrel
ca. 0.3l   3.00 €

Clausthaler Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic)
0.5l   3.60 €

Radler * (light or dark beer with lemonade) [11]
0.5l   3.60 €

Augustiner Edelstoff * from the barrel
0.5l   3.80 €

Schnitt Edelstoff from the barrel
ca. 0.3l   3.00 €

Augustiner Dunkelbier * (dark beer) from the barrel
0.5l   3.80 €

König Ludwig wheat beer * from the barrel
0.5l   3.80 €

König Ludwig wheat beer non-alcoholic
0.5l   3.80 €

König Ludwig wheat beer light
0.5l   3.80 €

Augustiner wheat beer (bottle)
0.5l   3.70 €

Russ (wheat beer with lemonade) [11]
0.5l   3.80 €

* To be able to serve our guests quickly, only those drinks are available in exceptional situations!

[1] with colouring, [3] with antioxidants, [8] with milk protein, [9] containing caffeine, [10] containing quinine, [11] sweetener

Bubbly, Prosecco & Champagne

Aperitif of the day
(ask the service)
0.1l   3.90 €

Post Spritz Holler
the elderberry syrup is homemade by the landlady
0.2l   5.90 €

Prosecco Aperol [1]
with ice and orange
0.2l   6.90 €

A glass Prosecco - Vino Treviso
0.1l   3.20 €

Colli Trevigiani - Veneto
0.75l   18.90 €

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry
clean, aromatic fruit, fine beaded
0.75l   26.90 €

Champagne drinkers are handsome, sexy & successful

All imaginable Champagne types and Grande cuvée wines are available on advance orders and with prepayment


Campari Soda [1]
4cl   5.90 €

Campari Orange [1]
4cl   5.90 €

[1] with colouring, [3] with antioxidants, [8] with milk protein, [9] containing caffeine, [10] containing quinine, [11]

White Wines in the Glass

Grüner Veltliner *
Vineyard Hellerschmid - Donauland

Fresh Veltliner scent with fine pepper note, fruity and slightly spicy bouquet, pleasantly dry.
0.1l   2.50 €
0.2l   4.90 €
0.5l   11.90 €

Wine spritzer (sweet or sour) *
0.5l   5.90 €

Weißburgunder (pinot blanc) - Gimmeldinger Meerspinne *
Vineyard Reinhardt - Palatinate region

Fine fruity Burgundy note, slightly fragrant, pleasantly youthful elegance with lots of aroma and delightful fruit.
0.1l   3.00 €
0.2l   5.90 €
0.5l   14.70 €

Sommeracher Silvaner
Winemaker Sommerach, Franconia, Bavaria

Minerally and fruity kind, fragrance of pear, apricot and apple, fine note of meadow herbs. Balanced and animating taste with fine freshness. The Franconian classic newly interpreted.
0.1 l   3.00 €
0.2 l   5.90 €
0.5 l   14.70 €

Rosé Wines in the Glass

Rosé from Zweigelt, superior table wine *
Vineyard Hellerschmid - Traistal, Austria

0.1l   2,50 €
0.2l   4.90 €
0.5l   11.90 €

Red Wines in the Glass

Blue Zweigelt, quality wine *
Vineyard Grois - Kamptal, Austria

Dense red, fine scent of cherries and forest fruits, mild and very fruity on the palate, pleasantly dry.
0.1l   2.50 €
0.2l   4.90 €
0.5l   11.90 €

St. Valentin Domina
Winemaker Sommerach - Franconia, Bavaria

In the nose an impressive ensemble of red fruits and fascinating berries flavour. The Domina can also be served slightly chilled in the summer.
0.1 l   3.50 €
0.2 l   6.90 €
0.75 l   19.50 €

Red wine spritzer (sweet or sour)
0.5l   6.90 €

White Wines - Bottles

Müller Thurgau
Edition Sommerach - Franconia, Bavaria

Scent of citrus fruits, slight nutmeg note, fizzy and fruity in the taste. An all-rounder as companion of the fine cuisine.
0.75l   14.50 €

Grauburgunder (pinot gris)
Vineyard e1ns - Franconia, Bavaria

A tempting bouquet of honey and pear with a tender wooden note. The wine shines due to a complex variety of aromas with a long-lasting, melting finale. Selected vine parcels, old tendrils, clearly reduced harvest and a partial barrel maturation. 13%
0.75l   19.50 €

Vineyard e1ns - Franconia, Bavaria

We don't only want to highlight this wine because a dry Traminer is rare to find, but also because this wine is very special. Extract and appropriate acid give the wine sufficient hold and structure: A Traminer for connoisseur of this type of grape and for those, who want to become one. Enjoy the wine to meals with spicy cheese sauces. 13.5%
0.75 l   19.50 €

Ca dei Frati's Lugana - Venetia, Italy

This premium wine presents itself after a six-month maturation in a light straw yellow, with a slight floral scent accompanied by aromas of white fruits. At the palate there is a full-bodied, semi-sweet wine, also slightly floral with a touch of apricots and almonds. The sensation is rounded off by its fine acidity, which offers a fresh taste adventure and a refreshing finish. The wine goes well with light cuisine, salad, antipasti, light meat, poultry and vegetables. 13.0%
0.75l   28.50 €

Mass wine
Sauvignon Blanc winery - Kurtatsch, South Tyrol

A filigree, at the palate well-balanced and juicy wine, which becomes due to its vividness an excellent companion to many meals from our Alpine cuisine. 13%
0.1l   4.20 €
0.75l   26.50 €

Kaiserin Elisabeth
Pinot blanc winery - Kurtatsch, South Tyrol

150 years ago, the first pinot blanc came from the homeland Burgundy to South Tyrol, where the filigree type rapidly spread throughout the entire wine-growing region. Once the state of ripeness is reached, the wine fascinates with filigree mountain apple fruit and lemon balm. The bouguet is decent, it reminds of the tender scent of flowers which spring out of rock cracks above the tree line. Due to a careful wood passage the wine gains an unctuous texture, which enters into an harmonic liaison with the unbroken fresh acid structure. 13.5%
0.1l   3.90 €
0.75l   23.50 €

Red Wines - Bottles

Domina/late vintage
Sommeracher Katzenkopf - Franconia, Bavaria

The Katzenkopf Silvaner late vintage smelles like ripe pineapple, pear and melon. Also at the palate the wine is firstly fruity and thereafter finishes minerally. Altogether very full of extract, as well as wonderful juicy and present for a long time. This late vintage is ideal to veal roast or asparagus variations but also to trout. The wine harmonises perfectly with fish and crustaceans, but also with antipasti. 12.5%
0.75l   19.50 €

Andererseits/pinot noir
Sommerach - Franconia, Bavaria

With the Sommeracher Katzenkopf the pinot noir presents a full-flavoured cherry nose. The taste is dominated by juicy tannins and a juicy fruit, withal its structure coquets with a mellow style. The ideal companion to roasted goose breast with red cabbage, venison and to ripened hart cheese. 14 %
0.75l   32.50 €

Wedding Wine/Merlot Cabernet
Winery Kurtatsch - South Tyrol

Cuvée of: Merlot, cabernet. The merlot tendril is a deep-rooted plant, which penetrates the warm deep loamy soil to absorb the mineral salts. The merlot gives the wine body and soft tannins. The elegant fruit comes from the Cabernet Sauvignon, which reminds of black currant. Those types of grape unite in the Kurtatscher cuvée to a wine with lots of elegance and finesse. 13.5%
0.1l   5.20 €
0.75l   31.50 €

Emperor Franz Josef 1./Lagrein
Winery Kurtatsch - South Tyrol

Lagrein is the oldest indigenous type of grape of South Tyrol. During the barrel-ageing the wine enriches itself with balsamic tannins. It is said that the best Lagrein does not only show concentration and length at the finish, but also an indivdual earthy note. The loamy soil is responsible for its typical layer characteristic, which gives the long, delicious fruity finish a savoury flavour. 13.0 %
0.1l   4.20 €
0.75l   26.50 €

Hannes Reeh - St. Laurent, Burgenland Austria

Hannes Reeh, Burgenland Zweigelt classic: full-flavoured peppery aromas of dark berries and cherries with scents of cocoa. Very juicy, unctuous and tantalising. 13.5 %
0.75l   24.50 €

You will fine more wines in our wine menu!


Baileys Irish Cream - ice or no ice, that's the question
Amaretto Disaronno
Sambuca Molinari
2cl   2.90 €

Whisky & Whiskey
Johnny Walker
Tullamore Dew
Bourbon American Whiskey
2cl   3.90 €

Diverse Single Malts on request at the bar
Only our innkeeper can advice you and knows what he is talking about! If the boss is not here you have to decide yourself! Our selected and exclusive bottles stand at the bar and are marked with colours.
Blue = 3.90 €, Yellow = 4.90 €, White = 6.90 €, Red = 7.90 €
Also availabe as 4cl, that's the price times 2.

Brandy & Cognac
Rémy Martin Fine de Cognac V.S.O.P.
Cardenal de Mendosa 2cl   4.50 €

Spiritual stuff and more...
Tanqueray Dry Gin
Vodka Smirnoff
Vodka Ketel one
Captain Morgan Spice Gold
Myers's Rum
2cl   3.90 €

Zacapa, probably the best rum in the world
2cl   5.50 €

Zacapa Jahr 23
2cl   6.50 €

Tequila Cuervo White
Tequila Cuervo Especial
2cl   3.50 €

Grappa Nonino
Linie Aquavit
2cl   5.90 €

Post Schnaps - exclusive schnaps at the bar!

Classical Long Drinks
Vodka Smirnoff Lemon [1; 10]
Cuba Libre [1; 3; 9]
Tanqueray Tonic [10]
Long drinks with Red Bull [14]
4cl   9.90 €

Obstbrände (fruit brandy)
Bodensee Obstler Hausbrand *
Freihof Williams * (pear)
Freihof Marillen * (apricot)
2cl   2.90 €

Austrian premium fruit brandies *
2cl   5.50 €

Kirschgeist (cherry)... the innkeeper's favourite schnaps
2cl   6.50 €

Obstbrände (fruit brandy) for adults
Bodensee Obstler Hausbrand
Freihof Williams (pear)
Freihof Marillen (apricot)
4cl   5.80 €

Bavaria says hello! Lantenhammer Bavarian premium brandies Wild raspberry
Rowan berry
Red Williams pear
2cl   5.90 €

Bitters (liqueurs with herbal essences) Fernet Branca
Fernet Menta
Amaro Averna
2cl   2.90 €

* To be able to serve our guests quickly, this drink is only available in exceptional situations!!

(1) with colouring, (3) with antioxidants, (9) caffeinated, (10) with quinine, (14) with taurine

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